What is Artistic Cycling

Artistic Cycling is similar to Ice-skating or Gymnastics, developing skills such as balance, concentration and courage. The "playground" for the artistic cycling is a place on a court with an area of 14 m x 11 m. During a six minute programme, audience and judges are presented with a wide range of different figures upon a bike. The worldwide Artistic Cycling Regulations show and explain between 150 and 200 different figures for each discipline; Single, Pair and Team Artistic Cycling for four and six athletes. From this range of figures the athletes and coaches compile the performance. They also choose the music that accompanies the program.

The maximum numbers of figures are:
28 figures in a single Artistic Cycling
22 figures in pair Artistic Cycling
25 figures in team Artistic Cycling for 4 or 6 athletes

Each figure has a points value depending on the difficulty. Adding up the value points of each figure leads to the total difficulty points. The performance starts with the lowest level of difficulty and finishes with the highest level of difficulty. The judges subtract points depending on the number and kind of mistakes they see during the performance. The judging is divided into performance and difficulty (content)

EXAMPLE:difficulty points
basic points
total disposed points

How to judge Artistic Cycling?

Similar to Ice-skating, the difficulty (content) and the performance of a figure are judged.

Subtraction of points for the difficulty is done :
if the complete distance during a figure in form of a simple lap (a complete circle) or a "eight" is not covered
if a figure (for example a handstand) is cancelled or ignored
if the defined time limit of six minutes is exceeded

Subtraction of points for the performance is done :
if the exercise is not carried out fluently
if the attitude is bad
if the limiting of the court is crossed
if the ground is touched with the feet or even downfall

The total points are obtained by the subtraction of the sum of all mistakes explained above from the previously known "difficulty points".
The same rules are valid for the pair cycling. However, only 22 exercises have to be performed; the first 9-13 exercises are carried out separately on two bicycles. Afterwards, the remain exercises are done together at one bicycle.

Single Women (GER)

Single Men (FRA)

Four Women Team Riding (SUI)

Pair Women (CZE)

Pair Men (AUT)

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